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IABCS Religious Accreditation Standards

Religious Accreditation Standards

The International Association of Bible Schools and Seminaries (IABCS) is passionate about upholding excellence among Christian institutions. Using effective educational strategies, IABCS has become a catalyst for growth for our member schools.

More and more Bible schools and seminaries want to hold each other accountable for the standards that deliver quality religious accreditation while also maintaining appropriate relationships with governmental institutions, such as obtaining 501(c)3 status.
Accreditation agencies like IABCS have rigorous standards and processes for ensuring that member schools are complying with guidelines for quality instruction, proper governance, financial stability, accurate record keeping and much more. Member schools voluntarily hold each other accountable so that quality religious accreditation is possible.

IABCS has implemented onsite or virtual visits where peer leaders evaluate member schools to gain a third-party opinion regarding compliance to our rigorous standards.

Reaching New Generations of Revival Leaders

We help Bible colleges and seminaries attract students who will change the world with the gospel.

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